Can I Come In?

As a literacy coach, the first few days of school can feel somewhat awkward.  We have not yet started our one-on-one coaching cycles, and we have not yet launched our small group PLCs.  What is a coach to do?  I helped out in the kindergarten room taking lunch count, I reorganized the Book Room, and I distributed all the student DRA folders and writing portfolios.  I compiled a list of first day read-alouds and stacked the books in my office for teachers to grab.  I hung some PD posters in the bathroom and copy room.  But, where I really want to be is in the classrooms.

So before leaving for the weekend today, I sent the following email to the teachers:

Hello, everyone.  I would love to come into your classrooms next week and begin working with you! 

I’d be happy to:

  • Teach a lesson from the First Twenty Days
  • Help you launch writer’s notebooks
  • Talk to your kids about Slice of Life writing and share some of my own
  • Demonstrate lesson(s) based on the CCSS
  • Do a few reading or writing one-on-one conferences together
  • Help you form and teach some initial invitational groups
  • Practice taking and analyzing running records together
  • Do some one-on-one conferences together based on the six systems
  • Give a couple of book chats on some great books
  • Introduce myself and read-aloud one of my favorite picture books
  • Help you get started with Words Their Way

There will be a sign-up form in your mailbox that you can return to me, or you can simply reply to this email.  Let me know a day and time that I can come in!

I also put a hard copy of this list in the teacher’s mailboxes.  The paper copy also has an “other” option where teachers can write in any additional requests.

I received several requests for support before I even left for the day, and I am so happy to get into some classrooms next week to start forming new relationships with teachers and students.

How do you typically begin your coaching work?


2 thoughts on “Can I Come In?

  1. I’m thrilled to have found your blog. I set up some new books & sent out an email inviting teachers to swing by & read one to their class. My first week has been helping with bulletin boards, organizing libraries & doing odds & ins. This is my first year out of the classroom so I look forward to your tweets & posts.


  2. Hi Dana, I didn’t know about your blog, and love that I found it (via twitter). I feel the same way. Our students start tomorrow, so I’ve visited/touched base with everyone, handed out books I thought might be helpful to some teachers, shared poems with others, but am trying to be patient. I’ll send out a letter next week too to see how we can start, in the classroom and meeting one on one. Will be sure to follow you here! Best wishes on your start!


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