Book Chats

We just completed our first round of PLCs/Study Groups.   Teachers could choose which Study Group to participate in:

Study Groups

Each group is reading a professional book and meeting as a team to discuss the reading.  Since we know that learners need time and opportunity to practice new learning, we are also incorporating classroom visits and “try it our self” time into each Study Group.

One of the groups is reading Igniting a Passion for Reading by Steven L. Layne.  We read and discussed the first four chapters last week.  In Chapter 3, Steven writes about teachers giving book chats in their classrooms.  I had asked teachers to bring their favorite book with them to the Study Group, and we practiced writing Book Chats.  Here is our Intermediate Special Ed teacher practicing the beginning of her Book Chat on us:

Can’t you just imagine her students – especially the boys – clamoring for that book?  Here is another teacher (4th grade) practicing her Book Chat:

Well, I want to know what really happened!

Aren’t they great?  I really admire teachers who are willing to jump in, give it a go, and try something new.  Well done, teachers.  Bravo.


2 thoughts on “Book Chats

  1. I do Book Talks with my high school students. I’m always fascinated by how many ‘takers’ there are as soon as I finish sharing a book ~ usually a waiting line for titles. I’ve always said, “It’s all in the marketing!”


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