Will Coach for Food



Is it just me… or does signing people up for new coaching cycles sometimes feel like begging?

3 thoughts on “Will Coach for Food

  1. It’s a struggle for me, too, Dana. I usually find the person, take my calendar, & go for it. Even that sometimes doesn’t “fly”! I don’t know if you can do this, but Terje gave advice one time, to “water” the green; i.e. work with those who want it, & leave the others alone, at least for a while. Best to you!

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  2. I found coaching to be much harder than classroom teaching (in a different sort of way). Adult learners have no problem pushing back, as students often do, but somehow, it was different. Yes, that begging feeling entered my mind a few times. Few opportunities to feel the sense of accomplishment you get from a day with kids. It’s a tough business…. six years taught me a lot.


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