EdCamp Tidbits

I attended the EdCamp Chicago “unconference” this past weekend.  It was my first time going to an EdCamp, and I am so glad I went.  The last session I participated in was for instructional coaches, and I wanted to share two quick and easy tidbits for coaches.

First, we discussed the importance of coaches being visible in their schools.  One of the participants noted that even when coaches are out of the office and working in classrooms, they are technically still not visible.  Very often, the only person who sees the coach during those times is the classroom teacher.  I’ve always posted my weekly schedule outside my office door:


Click image to enlarge.

However, one of the coaches at EdCamp suggested hanging a white board on the office door with a message stating your whereabouts.   This is one way to increase your “visibility” as a coach:


The second tidbit straight from EdCamp (and this is really exciting!) is that we created a new Twitter hashtag for coaches to use.  It is#IlEdCoach.  Add this hashtag to your TweetDeck to stay up to date on coaching conversations!


3 thoughts on “EdCamp Tidbits

  1. Love the whiteboard… more personal (and ‘live’) than a schedule (or, in addition to a schedule). Nice addition. 🙂 Will borrow when I return to PD role. Re: hashtag, can former coaches use, too?


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