Coaching Non-Negotiables

We have been working hard in our district to develop a coaching model for the 4 literacy coaches in my district.  We have experimented with several different models, and I think we are close to a consensus on what will work best for our teachers and students.

We have decided on the following non-negotiables about coaching cycles:

  • Coaching cycles must be long term (3-6 weeks).
  • The coach must work directly with the teacher in the classroom at least 3 days per week.
  • There must be a method to measure impact (student work, formal assessments, teacher reflection, etc.)
  • There must be demonstration teaching, including a pre-brief and a debrief.  There might also be co-teaching and observing.
  • There must be a specified goal for the coaching cycle.  It could be either a student-centered or a teacher-centered goal.

Using these non-negotiables as a starting point, we will work to develop a coaching model for our district.

Do you have any non-negotiables as a coach?



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